We would like you to enjoy your eyeglasses for a long period of time. Here you will find our maintenance and cleaning tips. Should you have any accidents with your glasses, we offer you a peace of mind with our replacement program.


We suggest having your eyeglasses adjusted every 4-6 months to get the optimal fit. This especially applies to wearers of progressive lenses because of the multiple viewing areas of the lenses.

Always have a professional readjust your frames. The frames can easily break without using the proper tools and equipment.

*this service is provided free of charge for our customers!*


We recommend cleaning your eyeglasses at the end of every day. This will remove facial oils and/or make up that can ruin the luster of your frames. Plus you will not need to look through grimy lenses the next morning.

Spray each lens surface with an eyeglass cleaning solution and wipe dry using a microfiber cleaning cloth or a soft cotton cloth you use only for this purpose. You can also rinse your eyeglasses with cold to lukewarm water using a clear mild liquid soap to wash each lens surface and frame then dry with a microfiber cleaning cloth. Never use hot water as it will ruin the lens coatings.

Sometimes it is important to rinse your eyeglasses and sunglasses when cleaning them. If there is any dust or grit that isn’t rinsed off, it can end up creating scratches on the lenses.

Steer clear of paper based products such as towels, napkins, toilet paper or tissues as they will scratch the lenses. Also avoid using clothing or scarves to clean your lenses.


Always use your eyewear case when not wearing your eyeglasses or sunglasses. This will prevent frames from being sat on, stepped on, or getting damaged.

Avoid putting your eyewear on top of your head. This will cause the frames to lose their shape.

Replacement Program

Within 12 months** of purchasing a new pair of glasses, you are guaranteed at EyeCity Optical that, in case of any accidents, the damaged frame and/or lenses is replaced at a onetime discount of 50% of the original price, as per original prescription.

*Damages caused by incorrect adjustments, cleaning, and normal wear and tear is not covered by this program. Applies only on new purchases of a complete pair of glasses (frames and lenses) and sunglasses. Not applicable to repairs and replacement parts. Taxes are extra, where applicable.

**From original date of purchase.

Third Party Billing (Insurance Claims)

We offer direct billing (when available) and our government coverage includes: Healthy Kids Program, Veteran Affairs, RCMP, and social assistance.