NanoPerl·S Purlux by Rupp and Hubrach

Better Vision with No Residual Colour

Thanks to the neutral colour of the NanoPerl.S Purlux coating, reflections are reduced perfectly and lenses appear as clear as never before! The complex layered system Rupp and Hubrach has developed allows the beauty of the lenses – with and without tinting – to remain as it is.

Rupp and Hubrach’s NanoPerl·S super hydrophobic coating repels water and dust. The effect is an extremely smooth and easy to care for surface, providing optimum conditions for clear vision. With their protective GHnc hardcoat, every lens surface is more robust and hardwearing with a superior anti-static finish.

Your Advantages:

  • super anti-reflective coating with colourless residual reflections
  • advanced hydrophobic effect with nanotechnology
  • GHnc hardcoat with improved scratch resistance
  • effective new anti-static coating
  • easy clean surface

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